Music City Cycling Cannonball Recap

Music City Cycling (Keith, Candice, and I) along with The Nashville Bicycle Lounge and Halcyon Bike Shop, hosted the Music City Cycling Cannonball this past Saturday, Nov 13th. The event kicked off with an alley cat beginning at Halcyon Bike Shop and ending at the Nashville Bicycle Lounge for an after party and sprint races.

Despite the rain, we still had a great turnout and got a lot of great feedback on the course; I'm pumped it was a fun ride, guys! Chris Callis took first in the alley cat, winning a Seagull messenger bag, with Nathan and Max in second and third respectively, both taking home Burro hip bags. Once the racers started arriving at the Bike Lounge, the after party and sprint races began. Things started to get pretty competitive, and we had a lot of great match-ups! Tyler Walker (aka Methdad) took out the seemingly unbeatable Neil to win first place, taking home the Golden Saddle and Brev M golden wheelset; Neil took second, winning the EighthInch golden drop bars. Art finished in third place, however, he posted the top time of the whole night!

Another major part of the after party was our fundraiser raffle to purchase children's bikes for Toys for Tots. We sold raffle tickets and gave out tons of prizes non-stop all night, including a complete bike donated by the Bicycle Lounge, a wheelset donated by Halcyon, a jersey donated by Chrome Bags, SkullyBoom Boomboxes, an insane amount of apparel from Coal Headwear, and so much more! By the end of the night we had raised nearly $700! We even had a visit from the Nashville Pedal Tavern, who provided free rides around 5 Points, and donated half of their sign-ups for the night to the fundraiser! We also had free beer, provided by Yazoo Brewing Company, and free Red Bull to get us all through the late night. Overall, the event was a huge success! Big thanks to Green Fleet for being the top donor of the night! I also want to thank all of our generous sponsors for supporting the event as well as every one who participated; we couldn't have made all of this happen without you. All photos by Ryan Green.

Alley Cat:
1st - Chris Callis
2nd - Nathan Wahlman
3rd - Max Otterland

Sprint Races:
1st - Tyler Walker
2nd - Neil Fronheiser
3rd - Art Arcinas

MCC Cannoball - Full Sponsor List

The Music City Cycling Cannonball is now less than two weeks away. So mark your calenders for Saturday, November 13th because there will be a lot going on! Here's a brief rundown of the event and the current list of sponsors.

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

The Music City Cycling Cannonball:
      - Alley Cat
      - Roller Races
      - Party
      - Benefit Raffle
Hosted by: Halcyon Bike Shop & Nashville Bicycle Lounge

Alley Cat - 1118 Halcyon Ave
Sign ups for the race start at 4:00 pm. at Halcyon Bike Shop and the race will start at 5:00 pm. There is no entry fee! Racers will be given a manifest at sign ups. Note: first place will not necessarily go to the person who finishes first. So every one has a shot of winning some pretty awesome prizes! The race will finish at the Nashville Bicycle Lounge. If you would like to help out by being a checkpoint let us know.

After Party with Roller Races - 961 Woodland Street
The after party and sign ups for the roller races will begin at 6:00 pm at the Nashville Bicycle Lounge (no entry fee). The races will start up at 7:00 pm. Obviously, the fastest person wins this event. It'll be head to head style (i.e. only two racers at a time), and yes, there will be prizes for this event as well. The best news of all though is that Yazoo Brewing Company is being generous enough to sponsor the party (as in free beer)! So come ready to have a lot of fun.

Fundraiser Raffle for Toys for Tots - 961 Woodland Street
There will be a benefit raffle at the party held at Nashville Bicycle Lounge with all proceeds going to purchasing children's bikes for Toys for Tots. Basically, even more chances to win cool shit all while supporting a great cause!

Sponsors include:
Halcyon Bike Shop
Nashville Bicycle Lounge
Green Fleet
Yazoo Brewing Co.
Red Bull
Urban Velo
Transient Bag Co.
Hold Fast
Brev. M
Bagaboo Bags
Chrome Messenger Bags
Walz Caps
State Farm Insurance
Tiger Balm
Coal Headwear
Skin Grows Back
Velo City Bags
Candy Cranks
Banjo Brothers
more sponsors to be announced...

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Coal Headwear

Coal Headwear is supporting the Music City Cycling Cannonball, and they are being incredibly generous! Seriously, thanks so much for all the support, we really appreciate it!

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Red Bull

Red Bull is on board to sponsor the Music City Cycling Cannonball! The Red Bull car will be handing out free drinks at the start of the alley cat during registration. So come and get all hyped up before the race! We'll also have several cases at the after party to keep you going for the roller races and raffle. Thanks so much for the support, guys! The event is less than two weeks away now (Nov 13th) so I hope you're all getting ready!

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Chrome

Chrome Messenger Bags is officially on board to sponsor the Music City Cannonball! If you somehow don't already know, Chrome makes some great messenger bags among other things. Thanks guys, we're so grateful to have you helping out with this!

Green Fleet Messengers

Our local courier service and the only green courier service in Nashville, Green Fleet is sponsoring our Music City Cannonball. They have been really supportive of the Nashville cycling community and even helped us out with our last set of sprint races. They are seriously great, and if you need something delivered fast or you're looking for a sustainable option, I would really look into using their services. Thanks again, guys!

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Rapha

Hell yea, Rapha is supporting the Music City Cannonball with some great prizes. You better be getting pumped about all of this, and come ready to race!

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - State Farm Insurance

We're getting crazy excited about all the support we're getting for this event. I hope you guys are getting as pumped as we are. State Farm Insurance is now on board to sponsor the Music City Cannonball!

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Cognition Caps

Another great sponsor to add to the list for the Music City Cannonball. Cognition Caps makes quality cycling caps for all variants of cyclists. Check them out! And thanks so much for helping us out with the event.

MCC Cannonball Sponsor Update - Bagaboo

Bagaboo Bags, a small messenger bag manufacturing company out of Budapest, is throwing down some prizes for our Music City Cannonball. Thanks so much, guys!